Tanks & Installation



Tank Options & Sizing:

We offer a variety of tank sizes to serve your needs. See below for our popular sizes. Note: Some sizes have in Above ground or Underground options.

Capacity Length Width Weight
1000 gal. 190" 41" 1800 lb.
500 gal. 120" 37" 940 lb.
320 gal. 114" 30" 620 lb.
250 gal. 92" 30" 480 lb.
120 gal. H. 67" 24" 260 lb.
120 gal. V. 52" 30" 260 lb.

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All of our tanks feature an easy to read gauge

above ground tanks

New or refurbished tanks available

above ground tanks
underground tank

Specially coated for underground use

To prevent corrosion on an underground tank NFPA requires that Cathodic Protection be used. Learn more.



Installation Clearances:

Location of ASME Containers

The distance requirements for propane tank locations are dependent upon the tank size.

Any ASME tank filled on-site must be located so that any point of the tank is at least 10 feet from any external source of ignition. (Examples of this would be an open flame, a window, an A.C. unit, a compressor, etc.) It also must be 10 feet from any intake to a direct-vented gas appliance, or any intake to a mechanical ventilation system.

For any Underground tank, the minimum distance to any object is measured from the relief valve and filling connection on the tank. Except that no part of the underground tank may be less than 10 feet from any building or adjoining property line.



Installation: What we offer

Our tank delivery truck has the ability to easily place your new tank almost anywhere you need it! We also have the equipment and expertise to run underground and in-house propane lines. Then we'll perform a full system leak test to ensure a safe propane system. Learn more