Propane Delivery



Our Specialties:

Prompt, Friendly Delivery Service, usually within 3 days.

Bulk Delivery if you are interested in cheaper, truckload pricing, call about our bulk delivery pricing when filling multiple tanks located at the same location.

Consistent Pricing, based on market trends.

Honest Pricing - all the time Tired of low introductory prices with hidden fees? With Countryside Propane's promise of "Honest pricing" you can be assured that the price per gallon is all you will pay. No hidden fees of any kind, simply "Honest Pricing - all the time!" 

24hr. Emergency Propane Delivery to keep your system up and going.



Delivery Methods:

Manual Order: Customer will monitor there tank percentage and will call our office to place an order when in need of a delivery.

Automatic Delivery: This is a free service in which Countryside Propane, LLC. estimates your tank percentage based on previous usage. This service only works when the usage is consistent.

Remote Monitor: When Propane usage is inconsistent, then a cellular remote gauge is needed for automatic delivery

Call us at 717-933-9500 to see which option will work best for you!



Payment Methods:

Mail: Send in your payment with the envelope we provide after a delivery has been made.

Phone: Call our office and provide our friendly staff with credit card information to make your payment.

Auto-Pay: With our secure system, your credit card can be added to your account, and whenever a delivery is made it will default to charging the credit card on your account.

Pre-pay: With summer prices being lower than winter prices, prepay is a way you can purchase propane when the price is low, ahead of the high winter prices.

Budget Plans: By estimating your heating cost for the next year, we can divide your annual heating bill into 12 easy payments, and you can pay each month.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.

Note: we do require first time customers to have a full system safety check before delivery.



Delivery Area: